Sunday, August 24, 2008

CD7 - clomid 3rd day

I thank God that I didn't suffer severe side effects from the 50mg clomid, which I started on Fri, CD5. I am to take it from CD5 to CD9, and to go for scan on CD13, Sat.

1st day, I got kinda woozy, but work kept me focused, and I am really grateful for that! Otherwise I would be agonizing over every single twitch and itch and sensation! Yesterday was alright. Today, my uterus and ovaries feel kinda achy...not even sure how to describe that sensation. It's not painful, nor sore, just....aching....

Are all these normal?

ON the other hand, I wonder whether it will be better to have stronger reactions??? Since that will mean it's taking an effect on me? Sigh.

Alright will post again soon :)

Take care everyone. I am praying for all of us!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

CLOMID here I comes!!!

WHOA!!! I finally did it!

It's all very gynae was able to squeeze me in around 630pm...I zipped down in a flash, had a brief consultation with her and collected the clomid!

I didn't let my husband that he won't be stressed out!


Of course I hope I can be lucky the first time round, BUT, even if it does't work out, at least I am happy to know that I have taken the step to try it :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Our country needs more babies......

I have many tots, but for now I just want to post something different.....well, it's still about babies though.

In Singapore, every year, after we celebrate our National Day on 9 Aug, our Prime Minister will deliver his Rally Speech, during which he will outline and speak at length about challenges and significant issues faced by Singapore, and at the same time, announce new schemes and policies.

And well, for this year, one focus is actually on our failing birth rate. Yes, we are in need of more babies. And our Government are prepared to fund a slew of incentives etc to encourage couple to have more babies.....


If any of you are interested in the details, you can read here:
(check out 'pro-baby measures to boost birthrate')

For preggies around me, they are HAPPY, since they will be enjoying 4 months of maternity leave, which is one more month compared to previous 3 months leave. NOtably is one of my staff, the one who got preggy right after she's married.

On a separate note, last week, it suddenly dawns on me that the early signs have always been there - that I am just not fertile.

I stayed in Uni hostel throughout my 4 years of Uni education, and towards the last 2 years, I was practically cohabitating with my then boyfriend. I wasn't on the pill, and we combined condoms with my regular cycle as a form of birth control. I remembered on couple of occasions we were worried about getting pregnant, but, haha...I never, obviously.

Fast forward more than a decade later, and I learnt from mutual friends that my ex is a father of 2. And

So, let's do the sums.....we were then at our supposedly most fertile and virile peak...basically like bunnies (sorry TMI)....and no, no, not pregnant. I mean of course it's a blessing that I didn't get pregnant then, but, I am sure you get the drift.

Sorry, that's just one the many tots I need to get it out of my system.

I think I need to do a random post soon, penning down all the various random tots, which are unfortunately, all fertility-related....

Monday, August 18, 2008


A quick note - CD 1 today :)

Not to wory, am in a good place and calm and serene.

Dropped an email to my gynae about collecting clomid from her office :)

Have many tots and things to share.....soon to come :)

Thanks for all the prayers :)