Saturday, September 27, 2008

2nd clomid cycle - CD10

Well, I just came off from allyouwhohope blog, and decided to update my blog rightaway! Woo Hoo!

My first clomid cycle was a bust. I took it from CD5 to CD9. Ultrasound at my gynae on CD13 showed 2 follicles in my left ovary, but they weren't of big enough size, meaning clomid didn't work on me and I didn't ovulate earlier at CD14. Charting showed me ovulating around CD17/18.....

It's a dark period for me then. I was really depressed then. I really thought that, hey, it might worked the 1st round and I would be pregnant. In those darkest moments, I drew alot of strength from allyouwhohope and waitingforlife blogs. Thanks, thank so much for your entries, and prayers.

I was on 100mg clomid this second round. I didn't feel anything weird whilst taking it from CD2 to CD6, BUT since then, I started having quite bad water retention. My eyes feel pretty swollen. My left ovary was achy and crampy on CD8 and CD9 too. Perhaps that means I am ovulating soon. Our weekend will be busy :)

I am feeling much calmer now. The reason for not updating, well, just don't have much to say nor share :(

But I just wish comment that - over here in Singapore, our papers reporting about the US election, tends to lean in favor of Obama. McCain seems to come across as not as politically-intelligent whilst Pralin is embroiled in series of 'corruption investigations'. Therefore it's been really interesting to read about the different perspective offered in allyouwhohope blog.

Alright, I am sorry that I just hve to end here, because really, there's nothing more to say. Will conitnue to pray for everyone!!!