Monday, February 11, 2008


Sorry for not updating my blog for more than 2 weeks now… …

Allyouwhohope – thanks for asking after me. Hey I’m fine, short of being pregnant…..

I wish I could have announced that I got a BFP, but, well, no.

AF came on Friday, whilst we were relaxing by the sea in Bintan, Indonesia.

Yes, I had to have the obligatory reunion dinner with my mil during Chinese New Year Eve on last Wednesday. Then the next day, we took the ferry to Bintan for a 3 days 2 nights trip. It’s freaking expensive, but well worth it, simply because I could get away from all the gatherings of relatives and friends and colleagues.

This time round I had a 14 days LP, usually more often than not it’s 12-13. Needless to say, on DPO14, last Thursday that is, though my temperature did take a dip, I was hoping that perhaps it’s an implantation dip? Well, no. AF came on Friday.

I was alright, though. I guess relaxing by the sea did help tremendously. We discussed about what’s next too. Should we move straight to IUI? I have never tried clomid as yet. We are thinking it might not work since I have adenomoysis and DH has only a 5% morphology. Any advice?

I have had time to ponder over many stuff over the trip. I thought of coming back to blog about the changes in myself ever since I started to TTC and to suffer the bane of infertility. Oh my….all the countless silly antics too….

A part of me wishes to remain status-quo. Still hoping so much that we can get pregnant via the ‘natural way’.

But another part of me, laments that if we have moved on to IUI last year (after 1 years plus of TTC), perhaps I will be sporting a bump now, or even carrying a baby in my arms now. Simply typing that out, makes my heart aches real bad.

I have to stop here for now, will continue soon.