Sunday, March 23, 2008

CD12....onwards to ovulation

It's a bright cheery sunny Sunday over here in Singapore now :)

And I am in good mood too. It certainly helps that Friday was Good Friday for us here, a Public Holiday. Pity Easter isn't A PH for us though.

I just got back from a business trip last week, so we didn't manage to squeeze in a short vacation trip for this long weekend.

Friday was spent with my side of my family, whilst yesterday morning was spent with my MIL, my DH's side of family. I don't want to go on about things which irked me about them. Suffice to say that my sil's 3rd pregnancy is going along nicely...she's gushing abt how she could feel it in her bones that this time round it's going to be a BOY....I just focused on having fun with her 2 daughters and ignored her.

Alright, enough about them, about DH's side of family.

Thereafter we spend the rest of Saturday lazing around....leisurely swim in our condo pool....a scary spanish movie 'The Orphanage'...great dinner at one of our fav. Italian restaurant....and abit of beer at a Brewery place. Yes, we drank some beer.....we decided to just relax and forget about all the rules...and of course, rounded off Sat night with doing the deed :)

Today will be another slow day for us, I have time and mood to write this post whilst DH having a round of tennis with his buddies.

Whilst trying to TTC, I have made several changes in my lifestyle and diet, and of course more importantly TTC has altered and effected changes on my temperament and character....most of which are pretty negative.

One example of a diet change is cutting out caffeine altogether for the past 2 years. But hey, guess what, since last month I started having some coffee again. If abstaining from caffeine for 2 years didn't help in making me pregnant, then what's the point? Having coffee again, makes me feel more normal at the very least.

And yes, having some beer too. That's more for my DH's benefit.

Now how often have we heard of 'oh we conceived whilst drunk...' that sort of stuff?

Anyway, my TCM physician is saying to me, having a bit of coffee and beer is alright, because more importantly is keeping a relax frame of mind. She said it will happen for us one day, just relax...

I chickened out of clomid this round, but I will do it for the coming cycle. Of course, I hope this cycle can be it.

I have not ovulated fact last round I ovulated later at CD19/20...previously was CD16/17....I guess it could be the caffeine afterall, but I am not going to think about it.

I want to lead a normal life again, and not obsessed about TTC. It is a fact that we have problems, but we do try to resolve them. We have TCM, we have the vitamins, we do the necessary. There'a nothing much I can do for my adenomyosis condition, but it's supposedy not so serious to the extent of imparing my chances of TTC.

So anyhow, I will take the next step, I will try clomid.

Just a short little note....DH got a male colleague who's going to be a father the third, he's overweight, and his wife is also overweight...but so what? They have no problems conceving at all....

I really wonder...God I really wonder....

Alright, I am not going to lament and go into that direction again. Lamenting about others' seemingly lack of efforts in TTC WILL NOT result in us having higher chances in will only pull me down further, so that's that.

Shall end this post, and enjoy the rest of the Sunday :)

Happy Easter to all!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

CD2's here again :) Amazingly, I am not too upset about it. One of the reasons is actually due to the two blogs which I frequent....their positive attitudes certainly cheer me on!

We will get there, all of us, definitely, one day.

I am really really sorry for not updating regularly. I really want to, but I just get get around to doing it. I promise to do better.

Will stop here for now!